Pumpkin Spiced Cappuccino

Cooler weather marks the change of season, from summer to pumpkin spice season.  That’s right, it has taken over fall.  I’m not willing to completely accept the cold weather, so I think that a cold spiced bevvy is a good compromise.  Enter the Pumpkin Spiced Cappuccino (See what I did there? sp-iced? eh? eh?).  I served mine in a wine glass, because not only do I like to feel fancy sometimes, but I also have a cat who has the cutest skill involving his paw, a table ledge and any glass he can find, which has been limiting my glassware choice lately.

Behold, the pumpkin spiced cappuccino!

Pumpkin Spiced Cappuccino - twocupsoflove.wordpress.comIngredients:

  • 1 c Natura Cappuccino Soy Milk (could also use milk+coffee+sweetener)
  • 1/4 c pureed pumpkin
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 1/4 t of “pumpkin pie” spice (could use a mix of fave spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.)

Blend everything together in a blender until smooth.

My favourite spice mix is the “Everything Nice” spice blend by The Epicentre.  I love this company, and they are based out of my hometown.  They have some other good, really fresh, flavourful and fragrant spices, too.

Bonus: The Cat in Question, Troy (destroying a shoe)



Does anyone else have a destructive cat, or is it just me?


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10 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spiced Cappuccino

  1. Em says:

    My glasses now are all jars. I actually like drinking out of them and they are free with purchase of nut butters! If a kitty breaks a jar (which happens often), I can just buy more almond butter. And pretty much any nice, pretty decorative object is toast within a few months so… not a whole lot of decor except for pictures on the walls!

  2. Jen says:

    Haha, I like the jar idea!

  3. Looks delicious and easy to make – I’ll have to try it.

  4. […] soothing Pumpkin Spiced Cappuccino from Two Cups of […]

  5. kendy says:

    my cat likes shoes & i like a pumpkin kick! winner!

  6. Hey there! I just discovered you through Poppy’s Patisserie. She posted this recipe and it looked so good. So simple too! Thanks for sharing it! Celeste 🙂

  7. acookinthemaking says:

    Oh my gosh what a cutie! I don’t know if my cats are “destructive”, but one of them will drink out of any human glass that you leave unattended for more than 5 seconds, and the other one spends his nights collecting “gifts” for my husband and me (always pieces of clothing…usually dirty) and piling them up outside our bedroom door so they’re the first thing we see when we wake up.
    My bundles of joy 🙂

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