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Dinner: Grilled Vegetables and Tahini

Grilled Vegetables and Tahini -

Dinner tonight was a bunch of random things I had in my kitchen: brown rice and quinoa, grilled eggplant, mushrooms, onions and peppers, tomatoes, avocado, black beans and tahini sauce (tahini+lemon juice+garlic+hot sauce+water).

Grilled Vegetables and Tahini -


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Beanball Sub!



Dinner tonight was a delicious beanball sub.  The bean balls were made from random things in my fridge and pantry: walnuts, chickpeas, brown rice, green onions, garlic, chickpea flour, oregano, basil, chia seeds and hot sauce.  I blended everything together in my food processor and rolled them into balls, which I brushed with olive oil and baked in the oven at 350.  The cheese was a can of coconut milk, simmered on the stove with some vinegar, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, hot sauce, salt and agar agar.  I then cooled it in a container until it was set.  The bread was a piece of Aidan’s baguette.  And thus concludes my annual veggie meatball sub craving!

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Tofu, Quinoa and Grilled Mushrooms With a Tahini Miso Sauce



Dinner! – Baby spinach, leftover quinoa, leftover jerk tofu, grilled mushrooms and a tahini miso sauce.  To make the mushrooms, I marinated them in a mix of olive oil, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and various spices and let them sit for about 15 minutes.  I then grilled them on my cast iron grill pan.  The sauce consisted of about 2 parts tahini, to 1 part miso and 1 part lemon juice, whisked together and thinned with water.  The tofu was pressed and then baked in the oven with jerk sauce.  I bought a giant container of mushrooms from Costco the other day, so I anticipate mushrooms making their way into every meal for the next little while.

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Burrito Bowl


Dinner tonight was a bowl consisting of quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips, lettuce, guacamole, Tofutti sour cream and lentil taco filling.  Have you tried lentil tacos before?  I love making lentils this way.  It is healthy, cheap and tastes great, so it is my kind of thing.

Here are three recipes I’ve tried with good results:

I’ve been making bowls, but these would be good in a wrap or taco shell, too!

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Dinner: Salad Edition



Tonight’s dinner was lettuce, chickpeas, roasted yams, tomatoes, avocado and a carrot ginger dressing.

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Dinner: Grain Bowl



School assignments have got in the way of me posting lately, so my apologies.  I’m still on the tahini train, making variations of grain bowls as a quick, cheap and healthy meal.  This one contained millet, chickpeas, roasted rosemary yams, tomatoes and massaged purple kale salad (sliced kale rubbed with lemon juice, olive oil and a bit of salt to soften it).  Yum!

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