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Eating in Peterborough: The Planet Bakery


I was visiting Peterborough (Ontario) this weekend and went for lunch with my mom to the Planet. I used to go here all the time before I couldn’t eat gluten. I went back one other time since, and at the time, I think I could only get the chili, everything else seemed to be sandwiches. I was excited to see that they now have some gluten-free options. Unfortunately, the gluten-free bread is not vegan, but the wraps are. The wraps taste like those brown rice wraps you can get frozen at health food stores. I asked if I could get the vegan grilled vegetable sandwich on a wrap instead, and I could! It tasted pretty great.

At the checkout to pay for our meals, my mom got a cookie, and asked the guy at the cash if they had any gluten-free baked goods. His reply? “Gluten-free stuff just doesn’t…uh..taste good.” My mom made sure to let him know that it wasn’t true, she got up in his grill and she pointed at me and said that I make awesome stuff. He said it was too hard for a restaurant to make good tasting gluten-free baked goods. It was kind of disappointing to hear someone who works in a bakery say that, considering I could name off a few bakeries in Ontario that have vegan and gluten-free stuff. Maybe I should start carrying mini cupcakes or donuts in my bag as a comeback for this sort of thing, ha ha.

However, even though there were no dessert items, my meal was still delicious. Also, it is Peterborough, so having a vegetarian restaurant/bakery there is a miracle in itself.


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