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Slaw Party for One

I’ve been feeling summery lately, trying to fit in as many barbeques as possible.  A nice coleslaw provides a crisp compliment to my grillables.  This salad gets the bright pink hue from beets! I should warn you though, that this makes a giant amount of slaw, at least a giant amount for one person. I actually ate it for three meals one day.  SAVE ME!

"Pretty in Pink" Slaw - twocupsoflove.wordpress.com



  • 1/2 red cabbage, sliced very thinly
  • 1/4 c of red onion, sliced very thinly
  • 1 carrot, grated
  • 1 beet, grated
  • 1 apple, julienned or grated
  • sesame seeds, for garnish (optional)


  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1/3 c of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 hot pepper (mine was not very hot, so if yours is, I would start out with a small amount of hot pepper and go up, maybe a quarter of a jalapeno?)
  • 1/3 c sunflower seeds
  • 2 T agave
  • 1 t cumin
  • 1/4 c water
  • 1/2 salt
  • pepper, to taste


Put all of the slaw ingredients in a large bowl. For the dressing, throw everything into the blender and blend away.  My blender is not very good, so there were still bits of sunflower seeds when I was done.  I put them into the slaw anyway for a little more texture. Toss the dressing with the slaw and garnish with the sesame seeds.

As this only uses half of a head of cabbage, you get to decide what to do with the other half.  I actually ended up making another batch of this when I was done.  So, Much. Slaw.

pretty in pink slaw - twocupsoflove.wordpress.com

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Lunch: Big Salad Edition

Today’s lunch consisted of baby romaine, massaged kale, carrots, tomatoes, grilled eggplant and mushrooms, hemp seeds and an oil and vinegar dressing.

2013-01-28 13.22.54

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Dinner: Salad Edition



Tonight’s dinner was lettuce, chickpeas, roasted yams, tomatoes, avocado and a carrot ginger dressing.

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Dinner: Salad with Peanut Lime Dressing


This was a clean out the fridge kind of salad, so I used roasted cauliflower (chop, drizzle with oil and bake at 450) and assorted veggies.  The dressing is from, where else, Fresh! I also added some marinated tofu cubes, based on Fresh’s recipe as well (tamari, apple cider vinegar, sunflower oil and some water).  I got the dressing recipe from vegangela.  My new blender sprays the contents of the jar everywhere, even on the lowest setting, so I wasn’t able to open the top and slowly add the oil, so I didn’t get a real emulsified dressing happening.  It was still pretty tasty, though!

I’m planning out my entry for the Vegan MoFo chopped event happening.  I need to use popcorn, butternut squash, rosemary and apricot preserves AND make a brunch dish.  Stay tuned for what I get up to!

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Grilled veggies (eggplant, red pepper, portabello mushroom and roasted cauliflower) on lettuce with hemp hearts and tahini sauce. Yum!

Have you ever made your own tahini sauce before?  It is a really easy and delicious sauce.  I usually do the usual clove of garlic, lots of tahini, lemon juice and water.  I also add some pepper and hot sauce.  Sometimes I get fancy and make it in the blender with parsley added in.  I’ve been eating this meal every day for about a week because it is quick and easy!  Yesterday I had the veggies and tahini sauce over millet.  What are you waiting for?  Get your tahini on!

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Mexican salad: boston lettuce, black beans, grilled peppers and onions, avocado, salsa and Daiya cheese.

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Mac and cheese and a salad. Oh yeah.

Side note: I’ve been super busy lately, so in an effort to keep up my VeganMoFo participation, I am mostly posting what I eat on a daily basis. The pictures aren’t great because I’ve been using my phone. My apologies. I hope to occasionally post recipes and such, but I haven’t had the chance in the last little while.

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Little Bit of Everything Salad

Arugula, wild blueberries, figs, beets, sprouts, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes and a blackberry ginger balsamic vinegar and hemp oil dressing.


Caprese Salad

I recently had the pleasure of going to a Caprese here in Ottawa. Caprese is an entirely gluten-free Italian restaurant, just outside of Little Italy. It was amazing, but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to take any pictures. I got a pasta dish with olives, artichokes and sun dried tomatoes in an oil-based sauce and a gluten-free beer to go with it. Unfortunately, the complementary bread and their desserts were not vegan, but they were very helpful with telling me what menu items were vegan. Highly recommended!

Anyway, after going to Caprese, I was inspired to try my hand at a Caprese-style salad. My version is a stacked tomato, layered with homemade mozzarella-style cheese, basil leaves and some basil pesto, with a balsamic reduction and olive oil drizzle.

Read on for the recipes.
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