Recap: The Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival

Last weekend was the 2013 edition of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival.  This is honestly the best weekend of my year! I’ve been going for several years, mostly for the food, but also for the speakers, demonstrations and information about animal rights and advocacy groups.  I was very impressed with the amount of gluten-free options this year.  I usually avoid desserts and heavily processed food, EXCEPT for this wonderful weekend in September.  I buy whatever tickles my fancy, and then go into a sugar coma post-festival. I actually bring containers so that I can buy treats and even dinner items and eat them later or freeze them.


This year I was only able to make it out on Saturday, which was a very rainy and cool day.  The good news is that there were very few lines. I think I would definitely aim to go back on a rainy day next year, too!  I also left my cellphone somewhere during the festival, and some nice person left it at the lost and found.  Thanks, stranger!

Below is what I got at the festival.


Kinnikinnick plain and blueberry bagels, $4/4 bagels.  These are delicious.  They have the typical white flours and starches, but they are a great treat. I was told that they are not yet available in stores but should be soon.


Peanut Butter & Co. assorted peanut butters.  These were on 3/$10 and included a tote bag.  Sold! For dinner tonight I had a blueberry bagel with the dark chocolate peanut butter.  MIND BLOWING.


Sweets From the Earth Hello Dolly bar ($3?) and Cashew Cookie ($1.50).  They also sold other gf goodies, like their whole cheesecakes, cookie doughs, brownies, and other squares.


Bunner’s pizza pocket and curry chickpea pocket ($3 each).


Bunner’s mini blueberry pie, mini butter tart and cinnamon bun (about $1.50 each?).  I absolutely love Bunner’s.  Where else could I go, knowing I could eat absolutely everything on the menu?  I’ve never actually had the chance to visit the bakery in person, as whenever I am out that way it has always been closed.  I was once in a craft show where they were selling some goodies when they first opened and I’ve been hooked ever since.


I also decided to visit the Green Zebra stall in the food area.


I was excited to try the Mac and Cheese, but I was a bit disappointed.  The noodles were over cooked, and there was not a lot of sauce.  I heard other people comment about how good it is, so I’m probably just a weirdo.


Kombucha took over the festival this year, and I wont complain.  I had a really delicious Green Tea Grape Kombucha from the Alchemy Pickle Company.  They also had Kombucha on tap.  Imagine if bars started serving that?  I would be so in.


I usually stop at the Natur-a booth for the deals on milks (3/$5 + tons of coupons).  They also sample all of their different flavours, so if you are hesitant to buy a whole carton, you can sample it here.  I Plan to use the cappuccino carton for blender drinks.


I usually buy some of these every year as well.  They are nice to have on hand when you are in a rush for dinner.


Daiya was sampling their new cream cheeses (on rice crackers! yay for gf!), and they were really good.  I also thought they were sampling their regular pizza so I passed on it, but I found out later that they were actually sampling their new gluten-free one. Noooooo!


The Toronto Vegetarian Association also has a book sale every year.  It is a great way to support the Association and pick up some good books.

As always, I had another excellent time at the Festival and I am already looking forward to next year! Are there any vegetarian festivals in your area? I would love to know how they compare to the Toronto one!

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