Taste Test: Daiya Jack Cheese Wedge


I have been waiting forever to try the Daiya wedges.  Daiya is hands down my favourite vegan cheese.  I heard rumors over the summer that they were becoming available in Canada, but being in India, I remained cheeseless.  UNTIL NOW! I picked up the jack cheese wedge at the health food store and took it home.  It was pretty good!  It didn’t have that super rubbery texture that my attempts at wedge cheeses often have.  It was more creamy I guess?  It also tasted like jack cheese (I think, I don’t really remember what it tastes like). I want to try the other flavours next.  Yum.

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5 thoughts on “Taste Test: Daiya Jack Cheese Wedge

  1. Eve Love says:

    yeah the wedges are yummy!
    I accidentaly picked up a havarti jalapeno-garlic one last month (accidentally because i don’t like jalapeno or other hot and too spicy stuff), and surprise! it tasted wonderful and was not too spicy for me!
    The orange cheddar is pretty satisfying in grilled cheese too.

  2. FoodFeud says:

    Oh this stuff is so good! I had just bought some on my lunch break the other day and went out for beers after work and my friend and I got a tasting plate that came with crackers and I whipped the Daiya out to use in the bar, ha! I think it was the havarti flavor. (PS I love those mary’s gone crackers as well)

  3. I just found your blog searching for gluten free vegan blogs (through the Cupcake Kitteh). An RD suggested I try gluten free for a few weeks to possibly help with a few health issues that I have.

    I have tried the Daiya Havarti (I actually reviewed it on my blog). I love it. It is spicy and it tastes great with crackers or I’ve also used it in sauces because it melts beautifully and gives the sauce a creamy, cheesy spicy flavor. I want to try the others, but I love the havarti so much I keep buying it! 🙂

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