Hello from India!

I’ve been in India for about 2.5 months now.  I am still having an awful time trying to explain the concept of vegan to people.  Often, it isn’t their fault.  I only speak English, and they sometimes speak very little English.  Being in India, I don’t expect everyone to speak my language, nor should they.  However this situation makes eating often difficult.  I have found a couple of restaurants that have been able to accommodate me.


I also got to take a cooking class! We made masala dosas, chutney and some curries.

Here are some things I’ve been eating:


Amazing fruit salad and spirulina shake at Anokhi Garden, Mysore.




Vegan shake. Way too much caffeine.


A sizzler from Green Theory, a vegetarian restaurant.

Still can’t wait to get back to my kitchen!

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2 thoughts on “Hello from India!

  1. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to go to India (which I am still planing to do…) as a vegan, too. I love the indian kitchen, but since I am vegan I do it the vegan way. Guess that’s a little bit more complicate over there 😉
    At least they have mangos. I guess I could live on mangos for a few months =D

    • Jen says:

      I’ve found it is very easy to find vegetarian food, but finding out if the food is vegan takes some work. I am in a tricky situation because I’m here for a few months and don’t have a kitchen, so I have to eat out for every meal. However the mangoes here are pretty delicious!

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