India Update

I’ve been in India for a few weeks now, and living without a kitchen has been difficult (which is why I haven’t been updating as much). I am also taking very few risks on this trip, so that means very little food that isn’t cooked. What I would give for a salad or smoothie right now….

More traditional food is pretty inexpensive, at around 1 to 3 dollars, although I am not used to eating white rice at every meal and spicy, heavy foods. I’m moving to a new place that has a fridge I can steal a spot in, so I anticipate making lots of cold bean and grain salads. I also have a rice cooker, so I’ve used it to make rice and lentils, quinoa and pasta. I’m here another 10 weeks which means 10 weeks without the foods that I love. Although it also means 10 weeks of mangoes!

It has been very easy to find gluten-free food as I am in South India. It is also very easy to find vegetarian food, but it is very difficult to find vegan food, because there seems to be ghee, cream or paneer in a lot of the dishes. I’ve been successful so far by sticking to the couple of items on a menu I recognize.

Anyway, I thought I would post some pictures of some things I’ve been eating:

Ten more weeks left!

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3 thoughts on “India Update

  1. Go to hyderabad , you will find much tastier food!

  2. Hera says:

    Hey girl you do get around! Talk about being adventurous, dosa, hmm, I don’t even know what kind of flour or ingredients you put in it, and I’ve lived there a whole lot more than you!

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