Kale Pesto and Plantains


I had some kale in the fridge, so I decided to make some pesto! It was really kale-y tasting, in a good way, as kale is delicious.

In a food processor, combine these one by one in order of the list:
– 1 clove garlic
– 1/2 c sunflower seeds (mine were raw)
– 1/4 c nutritional yeast
– 4 cups of packed, chopped kale
– 1/4 c lemon juice
– 1/8 c of olive oil
– salt and pepper, to taste. I also added a pinch of red pepper flakes


I also baked up some plantains! The ones that have black spots are the best. All I did was slice them diagonally, brushed them with oil and baked them at 425, maybe for 15 minutes?

Then I made some pasta with my pesto sauce, because why not?

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