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A lot of people understand where I’m coming from when I say I don’t eat meat.  I guess it is mostly because an animal obviously has to die in this case.  However, when it comes to eggs (and dairy), the majority of people don’t seem to get where I’m coming from when I say I don’t consume them.  I recently found a great site that has a lot of information pertaining to the cruelty of Canada’s egg industry, called Get Cracking Cruelty.  For those of use who already don’t eat eggs and know about the major issues with the egg industry, this site doesn’t present anything new, but is an informative site with a Canadian focus.

On the site there are the videos and pictures, publications, reports and articles and vegan recipes.  The site also discusses the issues with words like “humane” and “free range.”  It is really well designed and full of information.  I’ll be sure to refer anyone who wants to know more about the issues with eggs over to this site.  It looks like it is a newer site, so I expect that more will be added in the future.

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