Babycakes: Cupcakes and Muffins

Chocolate Cupcakes

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I was one of the people who pre-ordered the Babycakes book. Although it wasn’t that long ago, at the time the book came out, there weren’t really any vegan and gluten-free cookbooks (Luckily there are a few out now that are pretty good). As soon as I got the book, I tried a couple of recipes, but none of them turned out! It was a pretty big disappointment, and the ingredients involved were a bit expensive, so I shelved the book until recently.

I am happy to report that both of these recipes turned out! The cupcakes can be found here, and the banana chocolate chip muffins are from the book. I might take another look at the book and see if I can get anything else to work. Here’s hoping!

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2 thoughts on “Babycakes: Cupcakes and Muffins

  1. K says:

    These look great. I’ve only tried a couple of things from the cookbook: the choc chip cookie and the brownies but have enjoyed both. What would you recommend avoiding?

    • Jen @ Two Cups of Love says:

      The first couple of things I made were a lemon poppy seed bread and double chocolate cookies (I think). The lemon poppy seed loaf was really awful, the poppy seeds all sank to the bottom of the pan and the bread never became bread, even after doubling the baking time. Instead, it turned into this gross jelly! The cookies were edible, but spread out really thin and were really crispy, not chewy at all…

      Maybe I’ll try the cookies and brownies you have tried next!

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