The Delicious Food Show

This weekend I was helping out at the Toronto Vegetarian Association table at the Delicious Food Show. We had a really positive response at the show, with lots of people interested in vegetarianism and veganism, and lots of people who were already vegetarian coming to visit us. I was curious to see how this would go, as this festival had a lot of Food Network stuff happening, which usually means that there will be meat everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, there was still tons of meat. However, I was surprised that they had a natural food section.

Our table was right by Daiya cheese. It was so funny to see people’s reactions when they read that the cheese was dairy-free. Pretty much everyone loved it, though, so that was awesome!

Anyway, I managed to wander around the fair and sample a few things:


Bunners was there, selling their delicious gluten-free and vegan baked goods. I got a cinnamon bun, and it was amazing. I have had limited success making my own cinnamon buns, and by limited, I mean none.


Govinda’s was there was well!


I picked up a jumbo tub of hummus from Sunflower Kitchen.


I also got some wheel thing that I can’t remember the name of from the Tiffin people. It was really good.

So, would I recommend the food show? Nope. It was almost 20 dollars for people to get in, and I would say that 20 dollars isn’t worth it for a small handful of booths that were vegan and gluten-free. But it was awesome to see all of these vegan booths at a very mainstream meat and butter lovers paradise.


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