Eating in Toronto: Hogtown Vegan

I have wanted to go to Hogtown Vegan since I first heard that it opened! I finally got the chance a few weeks ago. I went for brunch with Greg. Everything is vegan, but they also have marked what is gluten-free and nut-free. There weren’t too many gluten-free items on the brunch menu, but I would probably eat anything off of their menu!

I had the taco salad. It was good, but I wish I could try something more awesome, like the waffles.


Greg had the breakfast biscuits: “tofu scramble on flaky biscuits topped with mushrooms, gravy and a fried tomato.” It looked really good, but sadly it wasn’t gluten-free.


For dessert, I had a gigantic chocolate torte. It was the size of a plate and very rich. Maybe I don’t know what a torte is, but it tasted like a chocolate brownie to me. It was still awesome, but kind of too gigantic. I know, I didn’t think that was possible, either. I could only eat about a third of it, and got the rest to go.


I really want to go back here for a non-brunch meal sometime soon!


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